E-Mobility Equity Conference

About the Conference

The annual E-Mobility Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (EMDEI) conference was created in 2020 by EVNoire, national thought leaders in e-mobility best practices and e-mobility equity, and Forth, leaders in clean transportation and producers of the national Roadmap Conference. 

Forth and EVNoire recognized a need for a national forum for conversation solely focused on centering equity in programs, policies, and practices related to electric transportation. Further, they saw a need to highlight and learn from diverse voices working across the e-mobility ecosystem, and to create pathways for diverse professionals to engage with the industry. To address these issues, the E-Mobility Diversity, Equity and Inclusion conference was born. 

The conference has become an important, highly anticipated event, and continues to grow each year. As a result of EVNoire’s organizational growth over the past few years, the 2022 conference will be solely presented by EVNoire. Forth remains a strong partner and supporter of the conference. 

2022 Conference FAQs

Q: When will the 2022 Conference take place?

A: Wednesday, October 19th and Thursday, October 20th 2022

Q: How long will the conference be each day? 

A: The conference will take place from 12:00PM EST – 3:00 PM EST each day. A more detailed schedule to come. 

Q: Who speaks at the conference? 

A: Featured speakers include leaders from many disciplines related to the e-mobility ecosystem, including auto manufacturing, charging network companies, ride shares, utilities, policymakers, NGOs, tribal, city, state and federal officials, and more. Our conference highlights the expertise of diverse talent across the e-mobility space.

If you would like to nominate a speaker for the conference generally or for a specific panel, please fill out this form.

Q: Where does the conference take place? 

A: The 2022 E-Mobility Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conference will be held on the online conference platform Hopin. This platform allows for virtual networking, live chat and Q&A, and interacting with live panel sessions. 

Q: How do I register for the Conference? 

A: 2022 Conference registration is not yet open. When it is, we will post the link here. 

Q: Why should I/my organization attend this conference? 

A: This conference is the only equity focused e-mobility conference in the world. We focus on centering equity throughout every process of the clean transportation transition, and help attendees understand how to achieve true equity. 100% of respondents from last year said that the 2021 Conference gave them practical tools and ideas to push equity forward in their own work.