E-Mobility Equity Conference

Nomination Categories

2022 E-Mobility Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Awards

EVNoire is proud to announce the 2022 E-Mobility Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Awards. We invite members of the e-mobility community to nominate outstanding individuals who have done exemplary work in the e-mobility space to push forward diversity, equity and inclusion. At the national conference, we will highlight the winners of the award, showcasing their work to attendees of the conference. Recipients of the award will have demonstrated outstanding commitment and leadership in e-mobility over the last year and have offered contributions that could be widely applicable across the industry. Award recipients can be leaders in implementation, data and research, engineering, policymaking, thought leadership or otherwise. There is one award category for an organization that deserves recognition for their team-wide commitment to internal and external diversity, equity and inclusion work.

One E-Mobility Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award Recipient will be chosen for each of the following categories:*

  1. Innovative Equity Strategy Award
  2. Community Engagement Best Practice Award
  3. Industry Leadership/Mentorship Award
  4. Organization Award: Overall DEI Commitment 

*Please note which of these categories you would like your nominee to be considered for (you may choose more than one category if applicable). All awards except for the Organization Award will go to individuals. 

Nominations for this series of awards are due September 1, 2022. Please fill out the nomination form below.

2022 E-Mobility Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conference Speakers

EVNoire is accepting nominations for 2022 E-Mobility Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion speakers. Please nominate speakers who have demonstrated leadership, innovation, or commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in the e-mobility space who you think will have meaningful expertise to share with conference attendees. Individuals who have worked on innovative pilots, programs, or policies related to DEI are also welcome. Feel free to nominate speakers from any stakeholder group (OEMs, Rideshare, Utility, Government, Community Based Organizations, Nonprofits, Engineering firms, etc).

Speaker nominations will be considered according to the following criteria: 

  1. Relevance to conference and panel topics/themes
  2. Experience in the space / Ability to demonstrate specific expertise 
  3. Thought leadership

Nominations for speakers at this year’s conference of awards are July 25th, 2022. Please fill out the short nomination form below.